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Born in Chervonohrad, Ukraine
Master in Economics (Volyn State University)
Works as Textile & Graphic Designer
Based in Lviv, Ukraine

Personal exhibitions

2020 — posters on walls of Hamburg, Galerie 21 im Künstlerhaus Vorwerkstift
2019 — Heroic Trip, Szara gallery (Katowice, Poland)
2019 — City of Gardens, EEP Berlin
2018 — Subach / Poliakov, The Naked Room gallery (Kyiv)
2016 — Taxidermia with Periscope group (Lviv)
2014 — Retablos de Galicia, Dzyga gallery (Lviv)

Group exhibitions

2020 — Staged Realities, Outdoor Exhibition by OSTLOOK+EEP Berlin. Part of "POSTWEST \\ guess where" at Transcultural Festival, Volksbühne Berlin
2019 — Woven Matter at Unseen (Amsterdam)
2019 — Between Fire and Fire: Ukrainian Art Now. By Ukrainian Institute at Semperdepot (Wien)
2019 — "Let’s Talk About Modernity" by Fundacja Tadeusza Kantora at Jam Factory (Lviv)
2019 — "Ukrainian Cross-Section" (Український Зріз) at Triennale of Contemporary Art (Lviv)
2019 — Inny, Obcy, Swoi at Labirynt gallery (Lublin, Poland)
2019 — Fotofestival Lodz (Poland)
2019 — Fotoart Festival (Bielsko-Biala, Poland)
2019 — II Biennale of Young Ukrainian Art (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
2019 — "How to deal with history" by Ostlook platform at Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival (Georgia)
2018 — New East Photo Prize exhibition by Calvert Journal (London)
2018 — "Somewhere now" (Tam gdzie teraz) in Galerię Labirynt (Lublin, Poland)
2018 — Circulations Festival (Paris)
2017 — The Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists at Mysteskyi Arsenal (Kyiv)
2017 — "Knowns-Unknowns. Lviv' photography after the year 2000"
Ludwik Zamenhof Centre during Białystok Interphoto Festival (Białystok, Poland)
2017 — Ostrale Biennale (Dresden, Germany)
2017 — EASTStreet 4. Photo festival (Lublin, Poland)
2016 — The Boutographies — Rencontres Photographiques de Montpellier, slideshow (France)
2016 — "Elementary Manipulation" exhibition at Ukrainian Week in Gdansk (Poland)
2016 — "Galicia Cult: Western Ukrainian Art" at Yetmilov Centre (Kharkiv)

2016 — Odesa-Batumi Photodays festival (Batumi, Georgia; Odesa, Ukraine)
2016 — Group "Group" exhibition at WBA gallery (Wroclaw, Poland)
2016 — "Strolls With Pleasure And Not Without Moral", Group "Group" exhibition at Ya Gallery (Dnipro, Ukraine)
2016 — "Hen Constellation" children book by Sofiya Andruhovych. Illustrations in collaboration with Mariana Prohasko (Lviv, Ukraine)
2016 — Performative curatorial exhibition by Lars Willumeit and Der Greif Magazine during Krakow Photomonth Open Weekend (Krakow, Poland)
2016 — "Urban spaces" exhibition at Erarta Museum, open call finalists exhibition (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation)
2016 — "Saving the Bridge" project by Urban SOYC. Photography, installation (Henychesk, Ukraine)
2015 — Most/Die Brucke festival (Frankfurt (Oder), Germany; Slubice, Poland)
2015 — Gogol Fest (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2015 — "Dnipro Alternative Art Guide" book by SvitArt gallery, photography for publication (Dnipro, Ukraine)
2015 — Project Cell|One|Fication / Paul Celan Festival at Shteinbarg gallery. Performance, video, installation (Chernivtsi, Ukraine)
2015 — EASTStreet 3. Photo festival, open call finalists exhibition (Lublin, Poland)
2015 — Street Photography Festival by FOTODOC, open call finalists exhibition (Moscow, Russian Federation)
2014 — Terra-Futura festival (Kherson, Ukraine)
2015 — "Stops" exibition (Subach, Cherneha, Poliakov) at Chernihiv Municipal Musem (Chernihiv, Ukraine)
2014 — London Analog Festival, open call finalists exhibition (London, UK)
2014 — "UPHA postcards" set by Ukrainian Photographic Alternative (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2014 — "After Yesterday" exhibition at the Tea Factory art center (Odesa, Ukraine)
2014 — "She" project (Maria Voynova, Mariana Klochko, Marta Shwets, Taisiya Raynyk) at Bastion Gallery (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
2013 — Sevastopol International Film Festival, open call finalists exhibition (Sevastopol, Ukraine)

Awards & Mentions

2019 — Participant of Futures Platform
2019 — Gaude Polonia scholarship by National Centre for Culture Poland
2019 — Shortlisted to Gomma Grant
2019 — Fotofestival Lodz Grand Prix finalist
2016 — New East Photo Prize Bigmag Special Prize and grant winner


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