Elena Subach

Elena was born in Chervonohrad, a coal-mining town in western Ukraine.

A small Galician city of Krystynopil was "transferred" from soviet Poland to soviet Ukraine in 1951 to exploit its newly discovered coal deposits and renamed Chervonohrad — "The Red City". In spite of that, due to its location on the border, Chervonohrad had access to Polish radio and TV, which were much more open than any media available in most of Ukraine.

A great impact on Elena had her grandfather who was a painter and were making icons for local churches and a library of her father.

Elena obtained Master's degree in Economics in Volyn State University. Later she spent some time working as a textile designer in Kyiv and Lviv.

Elena comes to photography around 2012, joining "5x5 / Dzyga" art community. Since then, she participated in dozens of exhibitions, projects and residencies around Europe.

In 2019 Elena starts to do a curatorial work at Lviv National Art Gallery.

Personal exhibitions

2020 — Posters on walls of Hamburg, Galerie 21 im Künstlerhaus Vorwerkstift

2019 — Heroic Trip, Szara gallery (Katowice, Poland)

2019 — City of Gardens, EEP Berlin

2018 — Subach / Poliakov, The Naked Room gallery (Kyiv)

2016 — Taxidermia with Periscope group (Lviv)

2014 — Retablos de Galicia, Dzyga gallery (Lviv)

Selected group exhibitions

2022 — Tell them about battles, meteors and eggplant caviar, Simultania (Strasbourg, FR)

2022 — “In Ukraine” at the Gallery at Dobbin Mews (New York)

2022 — ”Slava Ukraini” at Czwartek gallery (Warsaw)

2022 — Unfolding landscapes at Art Centre Silkeborg Bad (Denmark)

2021 — "Sensitivity. Contemporary Ukrainian photography" at Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kyiv)

2022 — Secondary Archive by Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation

2021 — Odesa Photo Days festival, main exhibition “Who is next to you?”, Museum of Odesa Modern Art

2020 — Staged Realities, Outdoor Exhibition by OSTLOOK+EEP Berlin. Part of "POSTWEST \\ guess where" at Transcultural Festival, Volksbühne Berlin

2019 — Woven Matter at Unseen (Amsterdam)

2019 — Between Fire and Fire: Ukrainian Art Now. By Ukrainian Institute at Semperdepot (Wien)

2019 — "Let’s Talk About Modernity" by Fundacja Tadeusza Kantora at Jam Factory (Lviv)

2019 — "Ukrainian Cross-Section" (Український Зріз) at Triennale of Contemporary Art (Lviv)

2019 — Inny, Obcy, Swoi at Labirynt gallery (Lublin, Poland)

2019 — Fotofestival Lodz (Poland)

2019 — Fotoart Festival (Bielsko-Biala, Poland)

2019 — II Biennale of Young Ukrainian Art (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

2019 — "How to deal with history" by Ostlook platform at Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival (Georgia)

2018 — "Somewhere now" (Tam gdzie teraz) in Galerię Labirynt (Lublin, Poland)

2018 — Circulations Festival (Paris)

2017 — The Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists at Mysteskyi Arsenal (Kyiv)

2017 — "Knowns-Unknowns. Lviv photography after the year 2000" Ludwik Zamenhof Centre during Białystok Interphoto Festival (Białystok, Poland)

2017 — Ostrale Biennale (Dresden, Germany)

2017 — EASTStreet 4. Photo festival (Lublin, Poland)

2016 — The Boutographies — Rencontres Photographiques de Montpellier, slideshow (France)

2016 — "Elementary Manipulation" exhibition at Ukrainian Week in Gdansk (Poland)

2016 — "Galicia Cult: Western Ukrainian Art" at Yermilov Centre (Kharkiv)

2016 — Odesa-Batumi Photodays festival (Batumi, Georgia; Odesa, Ukraine)

2016 — Group "Group" exhibition at WBA gallery (Wroclaw, Poland)

2016 — "Strolls With Pleasure And Not Without Moral", Group "Group" exhibition at Ya Gallery (Dnipro, Ukraine)

2016 — Performative curatorial exhibition by Lars Willumeit and Der Greif Magazine during Krakow Photomonth Open Weekend (Krakow, Poland)

2016 — "Saving the Bridge" project by Urban SOYC. Photography, installation (Henychesk, Ukraine)

2015 — Gogol Fest (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2015 — "Dnipro Alternative Art Guide" book by SvitArt gallery, photography for publication (Dnipro, Ukraine)

2015 — Project Cell|One|Fication / Paul Celan Festival at Shteinbarg gallery. Performance, video, installation (Chernivtsi, Ukraine)

2015 — EASTStreet 3. Photo festival, open call finalists exhibition (Lublin, Poland)

2014 — Terra-Futura festival (Kherson, Ukraine)

2015 — "Stops" exibition (Subach, Cherneha, Poliakov) at Chernihiv Municipal Musem (Chernihiv, Ukraine)

2014 — London Analog Festival, open call finalists exhibition (London, UK)

2014 — "She" project (Maria Voynova, Mariana Klochko, Marta Shwets, Taisiya Raynyk) at Bastion Gallery (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)

Awards & mentions

2022 — "Ones to watch" by The British Journal of Photography

2019 — Participant of Futures Platform

2019 — Gaude Polonia scholarship by National Centre for Culture Poland

2019 — Shortlisted to Gomma Grant

2019 — Fotofestival Lodz Grand Prix finalist

2016 — New East Photo Prize Bigmag Special Prize and grant winner